19 Social Media Strategies To Grow Your Business

Customers are the oxygen of any business, it is that simple, and unless you can get the attention of those customers you just can’t sell to them.

Years ago it was easy to get the attention of the consumer. An advert in the local paper or even some radio time would massively increase your business.

However that was then, right now the world is on social media and in this article we share with you 19 social media strategy examples that will help to grow your business.

But if you needed convincing on why you need to focus on social media marketing, you need to read this;

It is estimated that the average person spends around a third of their time on their smart phones and checks their social media around 17 times a day, and if that isn’t enough;

Social media now drives a massive 31% of all internet traffic. The simple truth is that if you are in business you need to become a ninja at using social media and in this article you will learn a range of social media strategies that will take your ability to a whole new level.

  • You will learn how to gain leads using content that other people create (yes this is perfectly legal to do and free).
  • You will learn how to create content that goes viral (and we have examples) and how you can create viral content overnight.
  • You will learn a multitude of growth hacks for YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat, and a range of social media strategies and tools that will have you crushing it online in no time!
1. Use Sniply To Get Leads From Every Post, Even If The Content Shared Is Not Yours!
2. Use Storify To Gather Amazing Content And Get Noticed By Social Media Influencers
3. Use Wisestamp To Help Develop Trust With People You Email
4. Send A Customer A Thank You VideoEmail To Help Deepen Your Relationship Using BombBomb
5. Find and Use Trending Hashtags To Get Heard and Seen By More People
6. Use Hellobar on Your Site To Get More  Likes, Fans and Followers
7. Create a Quiz Using Fyrebox To Boost Engagement
8.Make Sure You Invite Video Liker’s To Like Your Facebook Page: This Will Help Grow Your Fanbase
9. Create Memes With Get Stencil To Get Massive Shares And Likes
10. 7 or 14 Days of Tips To Increase Your  Engagement
11.  Use Sumo Me Highlighter To  Get More Blog Readers
12. Use Vid IQ With YouTube To get More Video Views
13. Use Pagemodo To Create Awesome Facebook Posts And Find The Best Content To Share​
14. Post Off Peak To Facebook To get More Engagement
15. Cross Promote With OPP’s (Other Peoples Pages) To Grow Your Own Audience.
16. Use Twitter Lists To Connect With Influencers
17.​ Get Your Business Ready For SnapChats Impending Growth
18. Use Grum To Get Likes And Comments On Instagram (Instantly)
​19. Create Viral Videos That Grow Your Product Or Service

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