Why Blogging Will Get Your Business 55% More Website Visits

If someone told you that by spending time and writing articles you could get 55% more visitors to your site would you do this?

Of course you would, then why is it that most businesses dont write articles?

The answer is simple- because people hate writing articles and when they do most of them are no use!

According tohubspot:

B2B marketers that use blogs receive 67% more leads than those that do not.

Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website.

They are some serious reasons why you should blog- but in case you didnt also  know blogging works because it tells a story that people want to read.

I spent 17 years as a police officer writing other people stories. I took statements from people who had been assaulted or had seen a terrible incident. I wrote case files and blogging is not much different. Its all about telling a story. However it has to be a story that searchers want to read.

This is the key problem why most social media departments in large businesses fail. There is almost an arrogance that if you write it people will read it. You need to shift your focus from writing content that you want to tell people,  no one cares that your company had a sports day, instead you need to write content that people find valuable.

And this is of course assuming that your business does have a blog, so many dont.

At Zoogly Media we focus on this and it gets us results. We write content that is just as good in 5 years time as it is today.

So here are some tips to getting a great company blog going:

1. Build a blog- use wordpress or another site and just do it. Ideally make it a self hosted one but if you have no budget use a wordpress hosted one as they are free.

2. Learn about SEO (search engine optimisation) because you cant just write stuff  and expect it to be found. You need to know how to make it easy to be found.

3. Solve problems- your product or service solves a problem, if so tell  the reader about this solution

4. Hire a great blogger- you need to get a blogger (or ask us as we are cheaper), dont give it to the member of your team that thinks they can write. You need a blogger with a proven history of results. They should know about SEO as well.

So there you have it- get blogging and reap the rewards and tell the world all about your business in the right way!!

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